Friday, April 4, 2008

Theory Exam Over....

That was a toughie exam yesterday.

I scored 80.2% (just passed by 0.2%). The only other fella in our class who passed was our usual top performer, Adam and he got 81% (he usually averages 90% for the module test exams). Everyone else failed and had to do a resit. Yikes.

That was the hardest MCQ exam I've ever had in this course. Thank goodness it's now over.

I woke up this morning and snuck in a 45 minute workout to relax and now I'm very relaxed and relieved.

I have a new colleague Victor at work today and I showed him Muller's Endgame 1 lesson on the technique of opposition, the fight for key squares and triangulation and I think I scared him when I told him all of this needed to be committed to memory when playing chess.



  1. how sweet the joy?

    is this all school or paid study, such as some corporations will do at a higher level but very strict on number of attempts you get?

    fyi, to become a licensed stock broker, in the usa, you study for two months ten to twelve hours a day to pass, then, if you fail, you are terminated on the spot.

    the philsophy is, since 'we hire you with the requisite IQ (they test for it, believe me), our finding is, you will make sure you pass it in one try.

    when they give someone a second chance, they find, those persons rarely work out. it is a filter.

    and it works...

    then you have another two months of study, also paid. after four months, you are authorized to launch out in financial sales. it is a killer. 100,000 phone calls. serious.

    now, today. you think i can talk on the phone????????? today, calling our help desk, incident report xyz, you promised me a new terminal for my work area within 24 to 48 hours, and then they came and found no errors? they went to the wrong terminal. believe me, i told them where to go...

    then i call again, a new incident number.

    i call tonight, you told me 2 4hours, and, i am not mad at you, but THIS is not acceptable. i need you to call NCR and make sure they have ordered the parts... they failed before and now i cannot accept delay. we are out of service... THIS is unacceptable...

    now, i dont yell. but, i apply force, with my voice, tone of voice, all of it.

    and, i make sh_t happen.

    then, in the 'old days', to become an architect you have a four day test, with a 12 hour total building design exam. if you missed the norm by 1%, back then, you had to wait one entire year...

    now they let them take it and retake it.

    the room on the last day was so hot, unairconditioned my drafting tape would not stick. i was so hot and sticky! but, i passed the big last part, missing the site design by 1% then had to wait a year for a three hour test, to finish.

    so, when folks say to me now: "YOU are an architect?"

    I say, "yes. who else but in our profession do folks SAY they are lawyers or doctors but are not. but some say they are architects who have the skill but not the passes exam.

    fast forward. me: "you are an architect" as they tell me. yes. "when did you pass the exam?"

    well, i didnt, or they say i only passed part of it...

    "not to offend. i am sure you are very talented (and sincere by me) but, i am sorry to say, but YOU ARE NOT AN ARCHITECT!"

    warmest, and congrats again....