Thursday, July 24, 2008

St George Chess News

While browsing through various chess club news in NSW, the following posting made on the St George Chess website certainly raises eyebrows.

I blame this on FIDE for going with their motto of "Gens Una Sumus" (We are all one family) instead of Susan Polgar's motto of "win with grace and lose with dignity". :)

Okay, John Papantoniou (rated 1629) is a 14 year old teen who defeated his opponent Admir Kicic (unrated) and the youngster is probably excited over his quick win or he may have a running feud with his opponent but is there really a need to plaster this on their website? Charles Zworestine, St George Chess Club Captain evidently thinks so and in fact, found it amusing:

Addendum from John Papantoniou:
Dear Charles, this is my part of the report from the last game:

How To Beat A Kicic in 7 Minutes

Step 1: Go to Grandparents' house in Carlingford at 6:00 p.m.
Step 2: Leave for chess at 7:10
Step 3: Turn up 8 minutes late after getting trapped by a detour circle. (Obviously I don't count this time).
Step 4: Quickly borrow pen from Mrs Ruan after realising that I have forgotten to bring one. (Roughly 1 Minute)
Step 5: J. Papantoniou A. Kicic
1.e4 1:07 d6 1:15
2.d4 1:07 Nf6 1:14
3.Nc3 1:07 g6 1:14
4.Nf3 1:07 Bg7 1:14
5.Bc4 1:07 0-0 1:14
6.0-0 1:07 Bg4 1:14
7.h3 1:07 Bxf3 1:14
8.Qxf3 1:07 e5 1:14
(By playing at blitz pace we had caught up to all the other games. In addition, I was very happy that my opponent had played e5 before c6; and after thinking for 20 seconds, I came up with a trap based upon the idea that Kicic would continue to play innocuous and easy to find moves).
9.dxe5 1:06 dxe5 1:14
10.Bg5 1:06 h6? 1:14 (Ha ha. He fell for it!)
11.Rae1 1:06 Nd7? 1:14
(He could play hxg5 or Qxe1 and settle for the rook and bishop with a weak g5 pawn; this is what I expected. Now I just win two pieces for a rook).
(10. ...Qe7 11. Nd5! wins a piece or leaves Black with a horrible position after 11. ...Qc5! 12.Nxf6+ Bxf6 13.Bxf6 Qxc4 (because Black cannot deal with the queen attacking h6)).
12.Bxf6 1:06 Bxf6 1:14
Step 6: Have pen stop working and ask Mrs Ruan for another. (Another minute gone).
Step 7: J. Papantoniou A.Kicic
13.Rxd7! 1:05 Qxd7 1:14
14.Qxf6 1:05 c6 (a bit too late) 1:13
15.Re1 1:05 Qc7 1:13
16.Qxg6+ 1:05 Kh8 1:13
17.Qxh6+ 1:04 Kg8 1:12
18.Rd3! 1:04 Resigns 1:11
1 - 0
Step 8: Look at watch and note: start time 7:39 pm, end time 7:46 pm!
Step 9: Return pen.
Step 10: Call mum (who had not yet made it back to my grandparents' house), and tell her I am finished.
Step 11: Show game to Blair Mandla.
Step 12: Go home with mum.
My parting sentiment: The child who is last to arrive and first to leave is not lazy, but rather efficient at swindling!

Regards, John Papantoniou


  1. lol. Well, the age says it all. Maybe this will encourage his opponent to do some extra studying and take his revenge. ;)

  2. likesforests: i'm left in no certain doubt that his unrated opponent is going to trounce him either OTB or with an actual chessboard (as Kasparov found to his painful experience) if he persists in this kind of behaviour.

  3. What a snot nosed little bugger. I suppose he thought he was being funny, but it was rather obnoxious. If I had been the captain I would not have forwarded such a report. I'd be ashamed to have somebody on my team write that crap.

  4. Mark Ginsburg has an excellent post on his blog regarding bad behavior. Some the incidents are pretty funny, but at the same time rather appalling.

  5. hi polly,

    if you think that's bad, i sometimes cringe at the things adult players do just for the sake of winning.

    thanks for bringing it to my attention. that's a very interesting blog!

  6. I have spoken to Mr.Kicic and he said that he let John win that game because last time John lost to Mr.Kicic and he almost started crying and during this last game little John was too excited he had some difficulties breathing and Kicic did not want to play him as he was under 1500 too weak ...

  7. What an arrogant little prat. The consolation, of course, is that the world will soon give that child some very memorable and painful lessons in maturity and class. I'm actually more appalled with the captain--as a role model he should be teaching his teammates that one must be thoughtful of the implications of his choices on and off the board. Instead, he enabled this young man to make a Life Blunder of the first order. Was the momentary giddiness of sharing his "wit" with the internet worth the potential of his peurile rant coming up in google searches for the next few years? As for his opponent, I hope that he takes likesforests excellent advice.