Monday, July 13, 2009

Down With Flu

I'm at home and not at work as I'm down with the flu, hence my lack of postings in the last few weeks. Apologies to one and all.

A running nose, a hoarse voice and a persistent dry cough is what I just need. :)

Anyway, the U1600 Norths Bears team failed to make it to the next round. We garnered a total of 13 points against St George with a forfeit win, another win and a draw with David, Peter and Andrew grabbing the points (I wasn't playing on that day due to pressing matters).

Unfortunately. Norths other team, the Grizzles scored 4-0 with 2 forfeit wins. This meant they pipped us by a point to grab the last qualifying place for the 2nd round. Ouch!

With that, it looks like the closure of the U1600 rounds for me and quite possible, the end of the Grade Matches.

All up, it's been a pretty dismal performance by my standards. I got a combined score of: +3-5=0 with a performance rating of 1490.

PS: Incidentally, it is estimated that nearly 75% of all flu cases in New South Wales are related to swine flu while it's an astonishing 100% in Victoria. Yikes!


  1. influenzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .....

  2. Bummer, sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you get well soon.

  3. Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

    My flu has mostly gone now and I'm left with a rather dry and persistent cough.

    The swine flu epidemic that has hit Australia is grave concern.

    One of my brother-in-law's colleague got stricken with swine flu as has one of my wife's working colleagues as well.

    Pretty hairy.