Wednesday, June 16, 2010

War Of The Machines - Rybka v Ippolitch in TalkChess

For a week now, I've been monitoring the ongoing war that has been literally taking place in cyberspace.

The Venue:

The Issue:
Moderation And Censorship

The Summary:
It all started when Vas Rajlich accused the makers of Ippolitch that it was a clone of Rybka. Subsequently, the forum owners ICD, asked Graham Banks to censor any mention of Ippolitch despite the fact Ippolitch has never been proven to be a clone of Rybka. Vas Rajlich himself, has never put forward any proof to his allegations.

Make no joke, Ippolitch is an extremely strong chess engine (since superseded by Firebird). In the software world, the strongest chess engine has the potential to reap millions of dollars in sales. It's a dog-eat-dog world.

Graham Banks sought fit to remove all mentions of Ippolitch on the forum without informing the forum moderators. As a result, Jeremy Bernstein, a long time forum moderator resigned as a form of protest and has opened up a new forum at Open Chess.

For people who are interested in the Rybka controversy, I would suggest Wikipedia.

Curious note: Rybka v1 was thoroughly analysed and was pronounced a "clone" of Fruit (an open source engine) in spite of Vas Rajlich's denials to the contrary.

Chessvibes also did an article once on this chess engine controversy.

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