Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chess Informant Website Hacked And The Kavalek-Short Affair

Warning: The Chess Informant website ( has been compromised. Their sale items including the latest CI 107 and ECO A, 4th Edition (if you follow the links from their main webpage) shows that the website has been hacked.

This only adds to the woes for Chess Informant considering that their Editor in Chief Zdenko Krnić was recently killed in a hit and run accident. I would urge caution on potential buyers from purchasing straight from their website for now. :(

Onto other news, Nigel Short has commented on Kavalek's piece in the Huffington Post (as reported by Chessbase). Kavalek has some serious axe to grind as can be seen in his older 1994 post on the Sentinel.

Short on his part has responded to his allegations and novelty as " It is the sort of move any decent player would find in his sleep." on

Short also responded of Kavalek,"My objections to the "Kavalek Files" were and are manifold but the fundamental point is the highly unethical betrayal of trust by a man who was employed to help me, and to whom I paid a very large sum of money. What was the purpose of him publishing this series of revelatory articles? a) to puff up Kavalek's own importance b) to damage me professionally by revealing as many of my novelties as possible. As far as I am concerned, his spiteful actions are beneath contempt..."

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