Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buyer's Not-So-Remorse

Do you feel guilty of buying too many chess books and not getting around to reading them all?

I'll be the first to put my hands up for this.

I've so far in my possession a couple of books on my bookshelf that I did not get around to finish reading them.

And last week, I just bought another chess book, San Luis 2005 (will be arriving in 2 weeks time via mail) in spite of the fact that I've not finished reading the other 2 New In Chess books that I'm currently reading.

One good thing I found was that I really need to invigorate myself (practically force myself) to read finish the current books in my possession.

But the progress has been slow. A chess book takes ages to complete for me because I have a tendency to want to replay them with a real chess set instead of moving the pieces around in my head. So 1 game takes me at least 2 hours to finish, analyse and understand the motifs and read the annotations (including variations) of why certain moves are made.

It's also extremely tiring to my eyes if I was to replay it on the computer. The problem with playing it over the computer is that my mind is not able to recall it as vividly unless I push the wooden pieces around.

I predominantly identify myself as a type of person who needs to learn via "doing", not one who learns via simple introduction and reading of new material.


  1. I only have buyer's remorse for a lot of the opening books I have purchased, paying for an ICC account and pretty much anything I have bought from ChessOk (convekta).

    I am pretty good at sticking with one or two books and finishing them out.

    And I love game collections!

  2. Hi Tommyg,

    You're certainly more determined than me!!! :)

    Glad to hear that you love game collections. I'm starting to grow very fond of them because these books really helps to bring the atmosphere of the event and the fighting spirit alive.