Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Down With Chicken Pox

In case people have been wondering where I was.

I came down with chicken pox and have been recovering at home. I was warded at the hospital under observation for a week before the doctors found it safe I would not infect anyone else.

This was followed by another suggested 2 weeks of rest by the doctors.

The funny thing was that this time (I had chicken pox before when I was young), there was no itchiness, fever nor vomiting throughout. The doctor was puzzled because adults normally don't have chicken pox the second time round and it usually appears in the form of shingles.

My face took the brunt of this so now I look like someone peppered my face with bullet holes. My brother-in-law mentioned last night I should put this on my blog so there you go. :)

PS: My wife found it amusing to take photos to document all my pock marks when I was in hospital (actually at my suggestion).


  1. Well, you should put the pictures up too. Otherwise, it's no fun.

    Seriously, glad you seem to be doing all right.

  2. Glad to hear you are still alive and writing.

    Pictures! We want to see pictures!
    Guess with a face full of bullet holes one can be cast for a horror movie. A new superstar is born? :-)

  3. LEP, I thot of putting up the pictures initially at first but it'll probably put you off food - which is kinda gross. I mean, with pus and small boils all over my face and body - it's not a pretty sight. :)

    chesstiger, gee whiz, LOL!!! Nah, I think I'll spare everyone.

    Thanks to all for the well wishes!