Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Pox Scars

Hmm.... it's been 2 months since my first outbreak of chicken pox and my face is still punctuated with chicken pox marks (although a lot has since subsided).

My good wife has constantly encouraged me to apply whitening cream, moisturiser, toner.... etc. etc. and so far, it looks like it does help to soften the brown spots. But this week involves me trying something for a change. I'm going for a facial. I've never been to one before in my whole life. I don't know what got into me to agree to my wife's request.

So that got me thinking. When was the last time I tried something new in my chess openings?

I might be tempted to try a new opening for the next competition (too late to prepare anything for this one). Maybe I'll learn to play the Jaenisch Gambit of the Spanish or the Grob.... hehehe.

Strangely, tonight, right now I'm feeling a bit sick while waiting for the tournament to start in an hour's time as I'm blogging this. And for some odd reason, I've not been fully satisfied with my chess performance so far.

My opponent tonight is Stephen Javor who's rated some 50 points above me. I hope he finishes me quickly because I don't like long grinding games. I really want to go home early and sleep (due to me overexerting myself in the gym earlier in the day) and I'm flat out tired. :)


  1. Any chance to catch a catnap before the game, and get some of your mojo back? With only 50 points difference, Dr. Elo predicts you taking home 43% of the points, which isn't too bad.

    The rating system is also known to be under-predictive of the lower rated players' outcomes, so it's pretty much a 50-50. Go Tanc!


  2. Thanks King and Pawn,

    Nah, but there's no chance of any sleep before the game. Even more unfortunately, there were no points tonight for me.

    In the end, it turned out to be a tough fight. A very tough fight. I ended up in a lost endgame. My opponent couldn't believe how much of a resistance I had put up and said,"That was tough." He was trying his best to finish me off in the most economical way but I keep pulling counter punches and tactical combinations to hold the position.

    Oh well, I did give it my best and I don't lament it. I was kind of relieved actually.

    Currently, I'm now +2-1=2 with half more of the competition to go.

    Cheers and thanks!