Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aronian Bows Out

In the rapid match playoffs, Aronian blundered in time trouble as his position grew progressively worse as Grischuk piled on the pressure. He's now out of the Candidates.

Aronian realises he is dead lost

At the moment, Kramnik is still playing against Radjabov. In a nail-biting climactic game with Radjabov winning the 1st blitz game, the clock broke!

Radjabov couldn't believe he blew it by
getting zugzwang in a drawn endgame

The arbiters had to quickly sort out the issue. And when play resumed, Radjabov had a dead drawn ending and was on the verge of winning the tie when in the frentic melee that followed, he got zugzwang and lost!

And Kramnik lives to fight again....

In the 1st of the next 2 games, Kramnik as White coolly outplays Radjabov in a King's Indian. Advantage: Kramnik: 1-0

Big Vlad manages to squeeze a draw in the final game and thus wins their encounter and progresses into the semi-finals to play against Grischuk. Incredible save by Kramnik who was on the verge of losing just 2 hours ago!

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