Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still Alive I Guess

I've just come to the horrible realisation that I have way too many chess books and online chess materials that I can possibly finish.

Despite my best efforts, I've not been able to devote as much time as I had to chess as I used to.

This is in spite of my TV having gone kaput. The TV is rarely on these days too. So where does my time go to?

Mucking around. Mostly.  As a result of the long layoff from chess, my chess has inadvertently suffered. I am even having problems beating players at the chess club that I use to win. For some reason, I am not bothered at all.


  1. chess is not that important. it's a nice realization to not be bothered by a loss.

    play it for enjoyment. improve where you can.

    and if you ever want a to play on fics, drop me an email ... rockyrook at hotmail dot com

  2. Thanks RockyRook! :)

    Indeed, somehow I feel very liberated after a loss. I guess the repercussions of analysing your loss comes later. LOL.

    No problem. I will try to find time to play on FICS. I much prefer slow games. I guess that as I grow older, my mind is no longer as sharp as it used to be.

    I remember seeing tactics 2-3 moves ahead a year ago, now I look for cheap 1-move tricks. Ooops! :D

  3. i have not, nor have ever forgotten you. life just changes, we adapt. i just did the full CT-Art 3.0 cycle. i had gotten stuck at problem levels 600 to 825 before, in three or so attempts. this time, i said to myself: 'i will do all 1,209 problems this time'. believe me, it was not for lack of effort previously.

    i respectfully ask you, not to pull your chain. but i read this post. i see what it means. i see what you are saying. i do maybe three or four things, max, but i do them 100%. i play three or four openings max, slav, torre, caro, thats it, no more. this does not mean i do not have a massive repertoire, i do. all the moves to all the moves, and when not that, a sense of where the pieces go.

    can you pick two or three, and say, 'half a year, two years, whatever. this is what i do'.

    i went to college in new york. i cannot tell you how many very erudite libraries i saw, in apartments, all the nietzsch, goethe, heideggar, jung, merlieu ponty, claud levi-straus, camus, proust. but the more books they had, the great was my certainty that not only had few of them, but none.

    pick five classics, read them. god forbid, read the right five, but you will get it.

    as Maharish Mahayeshi Yogi said, 'You eat the seeds of Vagra, you eat the seeds of your own sorrow'. you metabolize what you have. then it is yours. claim it. but make up your kind, kind sir.

  4. this commment moderation filter is a disaster. i got rid of mine. you can moderate comments, without going this far. you can research this. i wondered why i got so few comments. this filter is a killer.

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  6. Apologies for the comment moderation. I forgot I had this turned on a long long time ago (that was when I was getting spam every other day).

    I've not pulled my chain off chess totally yet. Just that life has beset with me more things and something had to give and unfortunately it was chess.

    I'm still reading chess off and on, publications etc. etc. but nothing serious. I realise that this long layoff from chess is doing me a bit of harm in terms of my chess ratings (although I somehow still managed to upped my rapid rating to 1800++ this year).

    I've not played a normal classical game for a long time. Other sports have also filled the rest of my time. This includes playing computer games and spending more time with the family.

    I'm not sure when I will and do get back to chess. It's just that the competitions are starting to become inconvenient and runs afoul with my work schedule.

    I do turn up for games but am not as avid as before in terms of following chess.

    It's definitely great to hear from you again, dk.

    Pls take care and cheers.

  7. damn. gottcha. i use comment moderation, too. but was not getting any, and when i tried to make comments to others users, ran into this terrible filter. so i researched it. moderation is good. necessary. i get sh_t sometimes two and three per day. as a result of robots, also, i cannot know of my 100,000 site visits now, if 15% of it is worth a damn. some of it is. i am read widely, but gave up making comments anywhere, unless need exists. i decided i found the people i wanted. got what i needed. then it changes. you blog for yourself. few read. but those few who do, are good honest readers........... i am not trying to structure this, stream of consciousness......... i also blog to help others, while exercising my need to communicate. i blog to educate, which is to be a leader. i do know what is best. but to transmit that, takes a lot of work. how to do that? this filter you had, i had it too. in the job application world, there are jobs i could not apply for, tried it ten, twelve times, sometimes in blogger, i write a comment, then forget the situation, then stuck, praying it goes thru. it is crap. so moderation is good, just the simpler version. dont know what this method is called, but others can tell you, here or at word press. blogging is great. the thing is to be honest, be regular, say what others do not say. so much crap exists. i dont need susan polgar to give me chess news. she copied an article, i helped create, done by a professional writer, at the west orange chess club, nj. she does what she does. lets know the real you. lets hear what is in your heart. confide your doubts. lay it on the line. this will give you vitality. love to you, dk i endure here.

  8. go to my blog. try to leave a comment. log out of your account. visit your own blog. try to add a comment. you will see how needless this is. the issue is deciding what is published, that is to say, preventing spam. the issue is NOT to deter posting by robots. i used to be upset by rude comments. now i get none, but when i did, i published all of them. its ok. freedom of speech. showing others as they are and reality as it is. but from a person, not a robot. try it out and let me know.

    you can also, if you dig into it, see how you can page down at your blog, and see a lot more posts. go to my blog and try it. otherwise you have to go into history. well, i wont be back much, but will. bye, dk