Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ford Memorial Photos

The Ford Memorial has finally concluded. Here are some photos I took tonight from the Ford Memorial Lightning (Unfortunately, with me being an absolute klutz in photography, I suffer from bad handshake so some of the photos are a tad blurred). Apologies to all.

The playing venue

The tireless Norman Greenwood without whom
this tournament would not have been possible

Ford Memorial Tournament Winner Barak Atzmon-Simon

3rd Place Winner Karel Hursky

More photos from the Lightning Tournament:

I would like to thank all my opponents and Norman Greenwood for a wonderful tournament.


  1. Nice photographs. Seems like it was a pleasant tournament.

  2. Blurs and all, the pictures capture the feel for the event. It seems like it's a very nicely organized tournament. I presume you did not use a flash. A tripod will help keep the camera steady when you're using a slow shutter speed in low light situations.

  3. chesstiger, polly:

    Thanks! :)

    I tried to avoid using a flash as it's very disruptive to the players and I wanted to catch them in their natural self during the game instead of them being aware that the camera lens was on them. Unfortunately, I didn't realise the playing venue was dim and didn't catch enough light. I didn't bring a tripod along and tried my best to open the aperture to allow more light into the camera but the nature of the lightning competition meant that it was quite rare where players didn't move in a sec.

    My camera is a very old Canon Powershot (3-4 Megapixel camera) and I took all of the shots of the players a good distance from them (like 3-4 metres away).

    It was indeed a very well run tournament! Full praises to Norman Greenwood (at a good old age of 76(!!), besides organising the event single-handedly, he whupped a lot of asses and came away with an incredible 6.5 points score while at it)