Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Game For The Year

Ryde-Eastwood Club Championship Update: The chess tournaments for this year have finally concluded for me with the finals of Ryde-Eastwood Club Championships, ending with a dismal score of +1-4=0 (oops!), finishing at the bottom of the table.

vs Arthur Huynh (1853) - loss
vs Joshua Christiansen (1662) - loss
vs Lorenzo Escalante (1716) - win
vs Bill Gletsos (1829) - loss
vs my brother-in-law Steven (1789) - loss

Arthur and Steven have their final game on Wednesday and they're currently joint first.

1-2. Arthur Hunyh, Steven Liu
3. Bill Gletsos
4. Joshua Christiansen
5-6. Lorenzo Escalante, Me! :)

Overall, this was an interesting experience. In my game last night against my brother-in-law, it was a tough fight and the game was interesting (you probably guess right now, that I love open/semi-open tactical skirmishes) but in the end he saw the ensuing winning endgame (as I did) and forced me to trade down to win. Okay, so I played a sharp opening as Black - yes one of those openings where either you come home victorious with your shield or get carried home on it.

And with that, concludes my first year in chess.

Minor Update: I've made a slight error. Steven was 0.5 point less than Arthur and they drew last night, so effectively, the final table position for the finals is as follows:

1. Arthur Hunyh
2. Steven Liu
3. Bill Gletsos
4. Joshua Christiansen
5-6. Lorenzo Escalante, Me


  1. For a first year timer in chess you didn't do badly at all. Keep on studying (with or without help from others) and playing and enjoying the game and you will beat your brother in law one day without batting an eyelid. :-)

  2. Doubt if I would have done better than 1 - 4 versus the line up that you faced (2 - 3 if I were 'lucky').

    I'm thinking of playing in an under 1600 event this weekend. Next month my rating will be 1651, so this will be my last opportunity to take advantage of playing at this level (unless I backslide).

    Kudos to you for taking on strong opposition, (instead of looking for relatively easy wins, as I do).



  3. great picture!

    here, comming back slowly to blogger... much new news in life, soon...

    good to see you, dk

    PS, BTW, i met polly last night here! she, who travels the world, finally made it BACK here!

  4. chesstiger: thanks! i aim to do one better next year and anxiously want to improve. time as always, is a fierce opponent and one i am always in contention with. :)

    es_trick: congrats on your improved rating. i've a good feeling that you'll do well. one should always make use of the opportunities presented to them. i hope to better my performance this year in the coming new year.

    dk: as always, you've been very generous in your comments! great to hear you've met up with polly. cheers!