Friday, December 5, 2008

December Ratings

I turned up at the Ryde-Eastwood chess club on Wednesday night and had a brief chat with Shane Burgess who duly informed me that the December ACF ratings were out and he was surprised I haven't blogged about it yet. Well, .... errr.... that's because I normally don't put a lot of emphasis on ratings nor do I monitor it closely.

So Shane, this post is for you. ;-)

The last 2 tournaments I took part in have been included.

They were the Ford Memorial Centenary Tournament and the Ryde Eastwood Club Championship Finals.

My rating bumped a bit by 40 points moving from 1500 to 1540.

But that's nothing compared with Shane. Shane's progress was stunning. He shot up 60 points to 1520 (very nice, Shane and stop complaining that you'll have to face tougher opponents next time *wink*).

My brother-in-law Steven's rating rose from 1789 to 1797. Arthur Hunyh rose from 1835 to 1917 (wow!) and Joshua Christiansen remained stable at 1662.

My friend Weng's son, Dylan, is the 2nd most improved player of all of NSW during this 3 month period, getting on the ratings list with an entrant score of 538. Congratulations to Weng and Dylan!

Young Anton Smirnov shot up another 56 points to 1440, showing that he is making good progress.

I've also noticed Anton's analytical skill has improved by leaps and bounds. He is starting to analyse a lot better and his thinking has accelerated.

Yes, I usually lose to him these days in speed chess because my brain malfunctions at higher processing speeds. It like trying to get a Pentium II processor to work at the speed of an Intel i7.

It is just not going to happen. :D

Next Wednesday is the annual Christmas dinner for the Ryde-Eastwood chess club. I've already put my name down with Les and intend to bring my camera along to take some pictures of the event.

Oh, I am most definitely looking forward to it. Yumz...... :)


  1. A gain of 40 points is nothing to sneeze at. If ACF ratings are calculated in the same way USCF ratings are, then it's probably an indication that you played at a considerably higher level than your previous 1500 rating.


  2. es_trick: thanks!

    During my Christmas dinner, I had a chat with some of the players and I'd notice that below the 2000 level, the FIDE ratings and the ACF ratings are showing a bit of disparity. Meaning that the ACF rating is underrated by between 50-150 points as compared with the FIDE ratings.

    That means that an ACF 1800 rated player is probably around FIDE 1900. Australia seems to be suffering from ratings deflation. Oddly enough.

  3. That is a big gap between ACF rating below 2000 and Fide rating. Is this also the case for ACF ratings above 2000?

    A raise is always happy news. Congrats on the 40 extra points you may sport now. Keep on adding those points!

  4. Hi TanC,

    Enjoyed your blog. My first visit and I was shocked to read about the AusOpen 2009 as blogged on the Closet GM.

    BTW, Dylan improved as followed:

    Top Improvers
    1207 221 VIC Gibson,Kyle
    598 215 NSW Siow-Lee,Dylan

    His is the 2nd top improvement in Australia, not just in NSW.
    And, he improved to 598.

    weng nian

    :) :) :)