Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Touch The h-Pawn

Have you ever played a game where you know you're just basically asking for trouble?

Take a look at this position. I admit this position was very easy to see. I am White.

Black in attempting to drive my Queen away made things worse with this provocative move.

1... h6?

As White, how would you continue? Of course, I played

2. Rxf6

Now after

2.... Qxf6 (the only move)
3. Qxh5 Re6? (But Black's position is in dire straits already)
4. Rf2

Now with a Rook, Queen and Knight targetting the weak f7 pawn, Black's position collapses in a heap.

4.... Qg5?? (Black was close to being out of time now and panicked)
5. Qxf7+ and the Black Rook on e6 drops.




  1. Re6 deserves more then one questionmark. Qg5 is an outright blunder. Welldone for spotting it all!

  2. Nice play, punishing your opponent. :)

  3. Chesstiger, likesforests:

    Thanks! :)

    I admit I do make horrible blunders from time to time.