Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update On Outcome Of Player Who Cheated

Hmmm... this news appears to have escaped my attention (apologies).

Anyway, the young player who was caught cheating in the U1600 tournament at the beginning of the year has been given a 2 year ban by the Australian Chess Federation Council that will last till 31st January 2011.

I think overall, this is a fair and just punishment and I thank the ACF Council for applying a firm hand on the issue and arriving at a sensible decision.

I also hope that the player learns from his mistake and comes back to chess after the ban.


  1. Honestly, i dont see him returning to the chess scene anymore. He cant handle the presure.

  2. Wow, I think that is too harsh a punishment. Two years is a long time when you are a teenager. Yest what he did was wrong, but his actions didn't quite deserve this.`

  3. chesstiger:

    Maybe but who knows?


    But the problem herein is too lenient a punishment and it might not serve enough as a deterrent nor give the impression that the chess association is not serious about cracking down on cheats.

  4. I think it's perfectly fair as a result.

    Any form of cheating (especially as blatant as this) needs to be quashed. We have to remember that it's not only the Aus scene that's under the microscope here, but our reputation internationally as well.

    Australia certainly doesn't want to obtain a reputation as harbouring chess cheats and I think this sends a very clear message to everyone involved that it won't be tolerated either.

    Well done to the arbiters in this case I think.

    As for the kid who's been banned?


  5. I think a year would have been long enough. That would have sent a clear message to the kid. Somehow I'm not sure he'll play again. It's obvious he has some issues with losing, and it was totally embarrassing to get caught like that. He'd be better off taking up something less competitive.

  6. It was a difficult choice I am sure to decide how long is long enough to make the statement that cheating is unacceptable, and at the same time keeping in mind this is just a young junior who made a stupid mistake.

    I think the ACF decision fell within the range of 1-3 years that I would have expected this young lad to receive.