Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Puzzles

As we close the end of the year (okay it's not New Year's Eve yet - I know, it's time to stretch our brain muscles! (Answers can be found by highlighting between the brackets)

Puzzle #1: White to move. Evaluate 1. Bg8+ - Do you see a mating attack?

[Yes. 1. Bg8+ Kh8 (if ...Kh6, 2. Qf7 with mate on h7) 2. Qf7 Bg7 (forced) 3. Nxe5! and Black cannot avoid mate]

Puzzle #2: Black to Move. Endgame technique time! What is Black's best move here?[The adage "do not hurry" comes to mind here. 1. ...g4! Now White's pawns are completely paralyzed. Any pawn move and the g-pawn captures and queens easily]


  1. ...g4, f3 c4+ looks like where the win is.

    Nice mate in diagram #1. I did not find it after a short look, but usually don't anyway; I'm not quick at tactics. diagram #2 I found quickly, though.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to exercise my chess brain. Happy New Year!

  3. Linux Guy: Well done! The first one is indeed quite hard to find.

    Greg: And a Happy New Year to you too! :)

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  5. If 1 . . . Kh6
    2. Qf7 Bg7

    How does White mate?

  6. Never mind.
    3. Qe7 and there's no defense to Qg5 mate.