Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tactics Exercise

This puzzle is a tough one. It is - if you don't see the idea or continuing line. But once you see it, you'll understand it.

This just occurred less than 10 min ago in a blitz game I played online.

I am Black. White is in absolute dire straits but Black must play carefully.

White had his King run up the board to h4 to escape the pin of his Knight on f3.

I did not see the following line unfortunately and missed the opportunity to end this in the most efficient manner.

Black to play and mate (Hint: in less than 5).

Answer can be found by highlighting the brackets
[1... Ng6+

2. Kh5 Qg4 and White cannot stop Nf4# or Qh4#

2. Kh3 Bd6! and White cannot stop Qh2# or Qg3#]


  1. Quite spectacular. These lethal zwischenzug moves are so hard to see!

  2. Indeed.

    It was very difficult. It's always the quietest moves that are the deadliest.

    I knew there was a mate somewhere during the game but I could not find it.