Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bulgarians Are Just A Misunderstood Lot

When it comes to handling PR with respect to Anand+entourage having problems with travelling to Sofia, you would have thought that they be more sympathetic but not so, judging by recent comments from the Bulgarian chess president.

It's nice to note that FIDE is also having problems with flights to Sofia, including the second arbiter and the appeals committee:-

Interview With FIDE Deputy Chairman Georgios Makropoulos

I loved how the Bulgarians like to spread mistruths (such as no World Chess Championship has ever been delayed - yes, it has - remember Fischer-Spassky?).

Maybe the Bulgarians are just a really misunderstood lot. And that Topalov and his manager Danailov and the Bulgarian Chess president are not representative of their country when it comes to hospitality.

And I thought the shenaningens ended in Elista with Kramnik, silly me.

PS: Just so you know how hard it is to get to anywhere in Europe at the moment, my company has nearly all its sales staff still stuck in Germany and they're not expected back till a week later at the earliest). Eurostar is fully booked that it's not funny and alternative rearrangements to allow staff to drive to non-affected countries and fly from there have not been met with much success either.

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