Thursday, April 22, 2010

ChessCafe Review - PP12 and Yasser Seirawan's Chessbase DVDs

Sorry, this is just a short blurb.

I had intended to do a couple of Fritz Trainer reviews (which some of my friends at my local chess club had kindly lent me) and others I had purchased on my own.

Today, Chesscafe's reviewer, Lance Martin, gave the following ratings on ChessCafe:

PowerPlay 12: The Hedgehog - 2 stars
Yasser Seirawan: My Best Games - 1 star

Frankly, I was floored by the poor ratings that were given to these 2 DVDs. I have seen some real stinkers by Chessbase but these 2 DVDs whilst not the best of the Fritz Trainer series, they are definitely not the worst nor are they anywhere near the mediocrity that pervades other interactive chess DVDs.

I have in my possession both software and I intend to do a review on both of them some time in the next week.


  1. Yeah I am quite amazed since I thought Yasser Seirawans dvd was really good! But I guess a guy has to talk his mind. Everything is comparable of course: Korchnoi DVD that I looked after is just purely brilliant.

  2. Hi Lauri,

    I had looked at a couple of other "autobiography" DVDs like Kramnik's, Anand's and Hort's ( I do not have Korchnoi's DVDs but I am looking forward to acquiring Nigel Short's DVDs instead) and I just don't see what the problem with the reviewer was with Seirawan's DVD in this case.

    Mark Donlan's review of Hort's DVD was largely positive and Seirawan follows basically the same format so I'm not sure what the beef was about this time round.