Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out Of The Frying Pan

Sometimes, we get ourselves deeper into the abyss. Take for example this blitz game that I just finished. White played too passively and is paying the price. The White king is exposed, the Black Knight has infiltrated into White's camp and the White pieces are not well-placed.

Black to play.

Here, I'm not going to kid myself. The most predictable move is naturally which I dished out in an instant.

1... Rd2 (no prizes for guessing this move)

The White Queen has a few moves and here, I was thinking....

2. Qe5 but the problem is after 2.... Qxe5 White drops a further pawn after
3. fxe5 Rxf2

White realising this, plays instead.

2. Qe3 and it is here that I set the trap. So the

Question: Can you see what is wrong with this move?

(blanks deliberately inserted)

(more blanks deliberately inserted)

(moer blanks deliberately inserted)

My opponent did indeed play 2. Qe3 but now White is in complete ruins because of .............

2.... Nd3! and the Rook or Knight cannot be taken because of mate on b2 and White would lose the Queen in the process. Ouch.


  1. I spotted ..Rd2, followed by ..Nd3 in only half a minute - reason being that a few days ago I was studying interference tactics puzzles out the ying-yang.

    It's a great puzzle though. Problem is if you study these tactics, it can become difficult to have the patience to find the possible defense. For example, if White doesn't have that c4 pawn, then Qxe6+ followed by Qg3 may be some sort of defense to it.

  2. Well done LinuxGuy for getting it right, I was looking at that position and checking and counter-checking that White has no adequate defence.

    It's a nice little tactic indeed - the White c4 pawn is the cause of the trouble.

    In my game, White tried to mess it up with the kamakaze followup 3. Rxg7+ but after 3... Qxg7 (Kxg7 was also possible but I didn't have much time left to calculate the variation), he resigned.

  3. Yeah, for me too Tanc, finding it didn't take as long as figuring out whether it works or not, that took me another two minutes. ;-)

    Yes, time left, that is the key. Well, at least he tried something, and you found it. :-)

  4. Hi LinuxGuy,

    Indeed - same here! And thanks!!! :)