Sunday, November 25, 2007

Czech Mate

Excuse the bad pun.

I'm still wrapping my head around using Chess Publisher and am loving it. This was a team match correspondence game played this year.

I've never understood the Czech Benoni (I doubt I ever will). I ran this through Fritz. My own comments are in bold.

In the game above, I find I didn't have to make any mistakes. My one worry was castling Queenside right into his Bishop pin. But I took a look around the board and couldn't find anything threatening and went ahead with it.

I'd noticed that certain openings can be played based on general understanding, and for other lines, move memorisation is required. I'll be honest, I've never remembered any line beyond the 6th or 7th move so I do not play lines like the Najdorf and the Slav because the amount of theory is too mind boggling.

At my level (which I estimate to be around 1200), I just need to understand concepts and general ideas, practice on my tactics and perfect my endgame technique. Until I get to at least 1800 level, I do not intend to bother with deep move memorisation. However, what I do also want to acquire is knowledge about pawn structures and ideas behind certain openings. I feel this is an invaluable knowledge tool to any aspiring chess player.


  1. Wow, a crazy fun game. Nice blog, by the way I'll be adding to my sidebar next update. I like the chesspublisher interface. I only wish it would automatically show just the comments for the present move (this game is a great case in point: you end up having to scroll from the board to the comments).

  2. Thanks, bdk!

    Yes, it was a fun game. But extremely nerve wrecking. Move 33 was the most difficult move I had to make, by not taking the Rook on e5 and instead, going for pressure.

    I agree with you about chesspublisher. It would indeed be very nice, if i can find a way to get the comments show up next to the board for chess publisher. I've added some simple HTML tags of my own so the lines appears properly formatted. I found that chesspublisher can accept simple tags like line breaks, bolds etc.