Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finishing Your Opponent Simply

This game was played against a 1200++ player on FICS.

Black made a tactical blunder and is now a whole Rook down but chooses to play on.

White is completely dominating. It is clear that Black has tried to mobilise the King in an effort to try to defend the key squares d7 and d8 (highlighted in yellow) to stop White from entering the position and hence the move

31. .... Ke8

There's a fatal flaw in this move. Can you spot it?

What is that Black has done wrong and how can White gain entry into Black defence?

Take note that White must be careful not to let Black gain an initiative eg. leaving the e4 pawn en-prise.

Answer :

If you've figured it out by now, the killer move was 32. Qd5.

Why is this move deadly?

1. It stops Black's counterplay and protects e4.
2. More importantly, the White Queen is going to play Qa8+ and Black's Queen is history.

Black now tries to alleviate the position and played the move

33 ... f6??

The question is:

How does White swap the Rook for the Black Queen, thereby finishing off Black in the process?

Highlight between the brackets for the answer:

[White now wins the Queen for a Rook with a simple tactical trick.

34. Qg8+ Qf8
35. Rd8+! Kxd8
36. Qxf8+ ]

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