Friday, November 2, 2007


Chessbase is sure releasing lots of new chess engines of late.

Shredder 11 is out and Fritz is arriving soon on Nov 22 and my wallet is going to be a lot thinner if I yield to the temptation.

But should I really upgrade my Fritz10? I don't really see the need to at the moment and I'll probably defer buying it until I can pick it up dirt cheap when Fritz 12 comes on.

At the current moment, I don't really need a super duper powerful chess engine that I use only for post mortems because my chess skills are nowhere near master level.

Thanks but no thanks, chessbase.


  1. Rybka if there most be one.

    or, as early 19th Century German philospher Arthor Schopenhauer once said:

    . "The ownership of books,
    .. should not be confused
    ... with the appropriation
    .... of their contents"

    so the real charm is not a better gizmo, but better, smarter, more significant study.

    warm regards from 'back over' where the ice doth flow in parts... not far from here...