Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The End Of The Samurai Chess Blog

Having passed on the torch as Knights Secretary, Samurai Chess is no more and I mean, no more as in, the entire blog has been deleted.

Shame really because samuraipawn had some wonderful posts like this.

Wherever samuraipawn is, I wish him well.


  1. That is sad! Whatever you do people, stop blogging if you must but don't delete the content!


  2. I concur.

    Right now, the only way I could read back the old contents from http://samuraichess.wordpress.com was to use Google Cache.


  3. He certainly does not take half measures. Too bad he deleted his blog.

  4. Tanc: Thanks for pulling that up from Google cache. I'm not geeky enough to know about that, and I had not read the post before he deleted his blog. Damn the things I missed by having lousy internet access while in Spain!

    wahr: For what ever it's worth, if I stop blogging I won't delete it. That's because if I stop blogging it will be because I'm bored or too lazy to continue. If I'm too lazy to blog, I'd be too lazy to delete it. LOL

  5. Surprising. Maybe he felt it was important for him to sever all his links to the chess world for whatever reason. It's too bad; and yes, thanks for Google cache.