Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ryde Eastwood Rapid Part Deux

Tonight, at the Rapid chess competition over at Ryde-Eastwood League Club (continuing from last week), again I made a mess of my position.

My only loss tonight was against Arthur Hyunh (FIDE rating : 1889 - who is taking some serious coaching from GM Dejan Antic) .

Talk about suffering from delusions of grandeur. Have a look at the following position (see picture ).

Instead of playing 1. Ree2 (green arrow), I had this hallucination of attacking on the Queenside and played 1. Ra5? (red arrow).

What transpired in the next 5 moves was an absolute shambles. After trading dark-squared bishops, I moved my Queen to f4? and after that, things fell apart.

The problem with Rapids (25 min time controls) is that there's never enough time to calculate in the endgame.

*sigh*. It's 11.44pm and I need to sleep......... zzzzz...........


  1. :) just to let you know that we came by, late today. warmest, dk

  2. i love this grey board, as i also loved your other cbv views in wood. lovely.

  3. Yeah, it takes at least a G/60 for me to have enough time to play at maximum ability (although anything more than G/90 is a disadvantage, b/c I'm too lazy to use that much clock.)

    The good thing about Rapids is that you can always say after the game "If there were only more time, I would have pulled out the draw."

  4. dk: I always alternate my board colours to give a different look for each blog post. it's more for a reference for myself that i've posted something different (yes, I know I can just look up the dates). :)

    LEP: that is quite true. i might have been able to pull out a draw in my game with arthur, but I had used up precious minutes to try to attack his position. oh well.... live and learn. thanks.

  5. Hi HH,

    which program do you use to make these diagrams. I have chessbase, and your diagrams have a "chessbase look". If you use chessbase to make these diagrams how do you get the arrows in?