Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oops! I Did It Again

In one of my earlier posts regarding Fritz 11, drunknknite spotted my error and corrected it. I had inadvertently keyed in the wrong move which explains why Fritz 11 went zonkers.

I apologise to everyone all around and would like to express my utmost thanks to drunknknite.

I've received dk-transformation 's excellent GM database and have finally gotten around to dissecting this wonderful database. It's quite mind-boggling, to say the least and clearly can only get better as dk-transformation continues to update it. My hats off to him for an incredible job!

My current rating on FICS is around 1300-1350 and on the basis of the following play, you can see why.

I have identified my weakness and that is tactics. In this game, despite this strong attack, I actually lost the game in the end because after this, I made not one, not two, not three but FOUR weak moves which basically erased any advantage I had.

In this position after 18... Nge7, White to play and win. I failed to find the correct combination and was severely punished for it and rightly so, I might add!

Can you find the strongest move?

Answer can be found by highlighting between the brackets.

[ It is checkmate in 8 moves. The beauty of this is to sacrifice your Knight.

19.Nc5+ dxc5 20.Nxe5+ Ke8 21.Qa4+ Nc6 22.Qxc6+ and Black cannot stop mate. If 20... Kd6 21.Nxf7+ Kd7 22.Qa4+ Nc6 23.Qxc6+ Ke7 24.Qe6#]


  1. A lot of times, changing move order can help achieve your objective.

    I initially looked at playing the second move of the winning combo first. There was a "feel" of something being there, but I couldn't work out a complete finish. Flipping moves around made things much easier.

  2. That was a tough one. I kept looking at ways to ways to get rid on the pawn on d6 so I could get the knight fork on c5. Like LEP I wanted to play Nxe5 first.