Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ford Memorial Signup

Last night, I turned up at the chess club at Manly-Warringah RSL with Steven. We got in a couple of 10 minute blitz games before the club's official/unofficial 15 minutes blitz games started.

I've also confirmed my participation in the Ford Memorial at North Sydney RSL which starts on August 26th and have paid Norman Greenwood the entry fees. Steven is participating as well and we've made plans to travel there after my work (I work in North Sydney so it's good that I can give him a lift to there and back to his home as well).

I found out how seriously out of shape I was when Tze Weng asked me to play for their blitz games. My first game was a drawn endgame. My second game was horrible. I was playing vs James Burt and lost my Queen due to a simple fork. My third and fourth game got on progessively better but it was nothing to shout about. Martin van Elmpt left his Knight en prise under time pressure while Jozsef Gonda also suffered a similar fate unfortunately.

I hope my performance at Ford memorial will be much better.

Les Mikolajczyk also emailed me informing Ryde Eastwood club members that the Fischer-like rapid competition's time format will be shortened to 20min+10sec increment to allow players to have 3 games a night. I lost against Ted Wong last week so I plan to play better tomorrow night.

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