Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Had Too Much Fun And Relearning

Okay, while my aunt and uncle were here last week, I basically ate a lot and did very little else (chess-wise).

When I went back to chess training last night, I had realised I forgotten some of the moves required in my 1. d4 repertoire. This only shows that I've not committed the move to long term memory and that means I need to relearn all over again.


I've not touched Volokitin's tactics book for 3 days now, which means I need to spend more time reading it.

Last night, I was looking at one of the side-variations and was saying to myself, wow. This opening sure requires a lot of memory work because of the dense theory involved.

Onto NSW chess news, Manly-Warringah has been nominated to host the NSW Open in January. I wish them the best of luck.

In my club, Les has emailed all the members saying that they're starting a rapid competition (called the Bobby Fischer Cup) with Fischer time controls at 30 min + 10 sec and it's game on tonight, running for about 7 weeks.

I can't wait.


  1. I've found myself in the same boat as you this past week. A lot of time concentrating on other things and needing to re-direct my focus back to chess training.

  2. RT Solo: Indeed, sometimes, I wonder what it will take for my brain to digest the necessary information and commit it into long-term memory. Nice to see that I'm not alone.