Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Tactical Puzzle

Have a look at this position.

Black has come under enormous pressure and played Nf7 in desperation.

Find White's best move.

White to play and win.

Answers can be found by highlighting the brackets.

Answer [
1. Rxh8+ Nxh8
2. Qxd6!! Qxd6
3. e7 and

Black must have give up the Black Queen else
4. e8=Q+ loses either the Knight after
5. Qxh8 or the Black Queen as
4.... Kc7 loses to the Knight fork with b5+]


  1. I guess you have to search a way to move the e-pawn to e7 with threat e8Q. So to clear the back rank Rxh8 is needed. And to remove the queen from e7 a move like Qxd6 looks playable afterwhich we can play e7 and if black allows e8Q.

    So i guess the winning line goes as follows:
    1. Rxh8+ Nxh8 2. Qxd6 Qxd6 3. e7 and black can only stop the promotion of the e-pawn by capturing it with its queen. So in the end white will get a won position being a rook up.

  2. chesstiger: that is indeed correct and the line i chose in the game. well done! :)