Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congratulations To Vishy Anand

After losing Game 10 to Vladimir Kramnik, Anand today, playing with White uncorked 1. e4 and Kramnik replied with the Sicilian Najdorf.

Anand did well to manage the complications with ease. After swapping queens on move 22, Kramnik had a slightly inferior position and reluctantly offered a draw 2 moves later which Anand accepted.

Anand thus wins the match with a 6.5-4.5 score.

He now occupies a unique place among other chess champions. He is the only chess champion in history to win a title under knockout, match and tournament conditions. A remarkable achievement.

Congratulations and well done, Viswanathan Anand!

Sidenote: I've been a tad busy on my side as my in-laws are here so I've been taking an extended leave of absence from chess. Unfortunately, I lost in the Ford Memorial Round 7 to Horst Bleicher (1472) and to Arthur Huynh (1835) in the Ryde-Eastwood Club Championship finals.


  1. What the deuce? If you're Kramnik, don't you have to fight to the end?

  2. Anand winning so easily the crown. I had thought Kramnik would have put up tougher resistance. But i am happy, Anand World Champion!!!!

  3. LEP: I think the thought of losing the match is bad enough but to go on in a bad position where the outcome is a loss is more humiliating for Kramnik, I suppose. :)

    Unfortunately, for Kramnik, when Anand played 1.e4, Kramnik could not play the Petroff (nice one, Vishy) as there are many lines that lead to draws so Kramnik had to turn to the Sicilian Najdorf. Sadly, he's walking straight into the hands of one of the deadliest Najdorf experts around.

    chesstiger: Anand made it look easy because of the huge amount of effort and preparation he put in. Cassia always rewards one who is more faithful to her, as they say in chess. To give you an idea of how Anand prepared, during one interview, he let slip a comment that during his preparation, he was looking and examining Kramnik's games all of the time.

  4. Then i am sure he's glad he has now time to think about other things then just Kramnik and his games. :-)

  5. I think Kramnik is glad it's over. He seemed completely unprepared for this match.