Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carlsen Tsk Tsk

Looks like the #1 on live rating list still has a few things to learn when it comes to understanding blitz chess rules and common board courtesy. This is what happened in last night's game v Gashimov in the World Blitz Championships currently held in Moscow.

Moving your Queen twice?

And in the following game v Kosteniuk (bottom right screen) for the following video:


No handshake after losing to Kostenuik? Tsk tsk.


  1. Hahahaha. Now this is when chess is like a sport; it's like when a player commits an obvious foul, then nonchalantly continues playing as if the ref isn't going to call it.

  2. You can't help but notice what Carlsen must be thinking?

    This was not the first time that this happened.

    For some odd reason, the Britney Spears song,"Ooops I did it again" keep ringing in my head. :)