Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Inspiration

We've all been through it before.

We get ground to the ground and getting punished with defeat after defeat. Or we study the different aspects of chess (from tactics to strategy to endgames etc.) so hard that we grow weary of when our efforts are not rewarded.

You get the picture. You then start to wonder why you'd bother playing chess in the first place. :)

And it's times like these, that you need some inspiration to get you back on your feet.

So what are the things that you do to help overcome the moments where you verged on exiting the game completely, forever?

One of the things I do to pick myself up is to listen to this little blurb from the movie Searching For Bobby Fischer:

"In school, before he dropped out, Bobby studied chess books while his teachers taught other things. When they told him to put his books away, or took them away, he studied in his head.

When a science report came back to him once with the words "not satisfactory" written across the top, he wrote under it just as big, "Tough."

He was 14 and had already beaten the STRONGEST adult players in the country to become the youngest U.S. champion....

(photo taken from Wikipedia)