Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Note To Self: Pay Attention!

Tonight is the start of the North Sydney Club Championships. I didn't really know who I was supposed to play against till my brother-in-law Steven called up to tell me that the pairings were already done last week. Ooops!

Given my lowly rating of 1472, I was expected to be placed in the Candidates B division. Instead, I got bumped up to the Candidates A division. This meant that amongst the 10 players in my group, I am the second lowest rated player - which means that I am forced to play "up" against stronger opponents.

Cool!!!!! :)

My game tonight is against Clive Lane (1552) and I have White. As I don't really have an opening repertoire, I'll just play what comes to mind (my mood). I'd figured that at this level, I don't really need an opening repertoire, I just have to concentrate on tactics, tactics, tactics... :)

I'll report on the game once I'm done.



  1. Well, I didn't really do much. I can't believe that I ended up in a totally passive position as White. That was truly pathetic on my part.

    Unfortunately for my opponent, he overpressed and lost an exchange (bishop for rook). I simply traded off the rest of the major pieces to reach a winning endgame.

    It's 12.30am now and I need to catch some zzzzz.

  2. We all make mistakes, at the moment i more then other players (atleast it feels that way), but its still our opponent who has to take advantage of this.

    At our level the opponent might error in trying to build out this advantage and give us chances to fight ourself back into the game.

    Their is that saying:"He who makes the last mistake lossess". Which is very true.
    I have been on both ends, the winning and losing, and offcourse its much more fun to eventually win then to lose.

    We can learn from both. That is why analysing our games, wins and lossess, is so helpfull in our improvement proces.

    Congrats on your win, may their be many to follow.

  3. Thanks, chesstiger.

    You are absolutely right. I'm still learning! I had a dismal turnout at the Eastwood Rapids and only managed 1.5 out of 3 games on Wednesday and this effectively put me on 3.5/6 (+3-2=1) in total.

    Oh well, I came crashing down back to earth, that's for sure. :)