Thursday, June 19, 2008

Checkmate Puzzle

White is of course, completely winning in the puzzle shown.

The question is:

Can you find the fastest way to checkmate the Black King? White to play.

Answer can be found by highlighting between the brackets
[I got a mate in 3 moves with
1. Qf5+ Ke8
2. Nd6+ Kd8
3. Nd5#

But there's actually a mate in 2 moves!
The exact continuation is
1. Qe6!!
If ....Ra6 or Rh6 or g6 2. Qg8#
Any other Black moves, 2. Ng6#]


  1. The Qe6 move is hard to find because it's not as forcing. I was looking at 1.Ng6+ first but the escape square of f7 is availble to the king. Overall, it doesn't look good for Black.

  2. hi blunderprone,

    Indeed, I myself could not see how strong and powerful that quiet move Qe6 was. It was a difficult puzzle to solve.

    I agree, Black is easily winning in this position.