Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Dear, I Errr... Swindled My Opponent Tonight

In a totally losing position, I somehow managed to swindle a win out of my game tonight against Martin van Elmpt (1448). This game was played at G/75 time controls with 75 minutes for 30 moves and another 30 minutes to finish the remainder of the game.

When we reached move 30, I noticed that Martin just made it to time control with 2 minutes to spare. It was at this point ( I had earlier sac'ed a Knight for 2 pawns to get counterplay but it was not enough) that I decided to blitz out my remaining moves and put him under enormous time pressure.

On move 40 with 12 minutes left to complete the remainder of the game, Martin unfortunately blundered (in the diagram shown) by playing

40. Qd5??

leaving his Rook en prise. He resigned less than 10 moves later. When he resigned, I found that he had 10 minutes left while I had 1 hour 15 minutes to play(!). That meant that for 48 moves, I had spent just 30 minutes! Yikes!

Funny, this was one game I actually feel very guilty for winning.

Sorry Martin, I honestly didn't know what to say to you after the game. Hope you'll do better for the rest of the games. Best of luck.

Have you ever swindled your opponent before? If so, what do you say to your opponent, after the game? I feel very sorry for Martin for losing a won game tonight.


  1. One of my opponents once ran into a knight fork in a winning position. I wouldn't say I feel sorry for such "swindles", but I am concerned about ruining the beauty and level of a game, and blunders and swindles definitely do that. Victories and losses resulting from blunders are unsatisfying and frustrating, especially in long games. Blitz is a slightly different matter, of course.

  2. Hey the guy blundered. It wasn't like you made him pick up his queen and go that square. It wasn't like you coffee housed him, by playing some move and then groaning as if it was blunder and tricking him into taking a piece that leads to you mating him.

    I felt guilty about 2 of my recent wins on time where my opponent flagged in a totally won position. Though after those wins I'm starting to believe in Karma since after the second win I've managed to flag in positions that were drawn for me. As the old expression goes, "Payback is a bitch!"

  3. christian: unfortunately, as much as we would like a see game free of blunders and swindles, it is usually not possible. at a certain point in time, all of us blunder, be it if you're a super GM or just starting out to play. to achieve a high level of play without errors is nigh impossible to achieve. it definitely spoils the "asthetic" beauty of chess, i admit, and i do understand where you're getting to.

    polly: well, i wouldn't say it's totally his fault. in some ways, i created the environment and the situation for him to be in. i felt it was not "nice" of me to try to win through something other time pressure. i agree, when it's payback time, and i get my comeuppance, it's going to be twice as painful.... hmmm... actually, i had a payback 2 weeks ago when i blundered in a similar situation. :)

  4. I used to say something like "wow u sux l2play ches u n00b lolz". But I've since learned this is not generally considered polite in human culture, so I just say "gg" and leave it at that.