Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tactics Puzzles

I'm taking a slight breather from my studies for my finals exam.

Here are 3 tactical puzzles for your enjoyment!

Answers can be found by highlighting between the brackets.

Puzzle 1.

White's Knight is forced to retreat, how should Black make use of this to get an advantage?

[Black wins a piece 1.... Bxa3 If 2. bxa3 Ba4 leaves Black up the exchange with Rook for Knight]

Puzzle 2.

Black just played 1.... Kf5, how can White win?

[White's c-pawn Queens after 1. Rb5! Rxb5 2. c8Q+ and wherever the Black King goes, 3. Qe8+ nabs the Black Rook]

Puzzle 3.

Black just played 1.... Kf8 to escape the Queen check, how should White follow up and give checkmate?

[1. Nd6! Qf6 or Qa2 (forced else 2. Qf7#) 2. Qe8+ Rxe8 3. Rxe8#]


  1. Your answer for puzzle 3 is incorrect.
    You write 1. Nd6! while in reality
    it is 1. Nd6?? Ng4+ 2. Kg1 (2. Kh1) Qg2#

  2. I mean of course 2... Qh2#