Monday, June 30, 2008

NSW Players Ratings Distribution Charts

Using the Jun'08 master list available from the Australian Chess Federation website, I decided to do a little investigating.

From the master list, I grabbed the list of all NSW (New South Wales) players. I subsequently removed players who currently do not have a rating and sort them into the distribution curve and got the following graph using a bit of Excel magic.

The distribution curve is pretty much ordinary and only tells us that the 50% mark is around the 1400-1500 region.

However, the more telling is this graph. We can see that the majority of the NSW players are within the 1200-2100 band range. In fact, the uneven distribution (slight asymmetry from the middle ACF 1500-1600 rating range) indicates that there is moderately lighter slant on the right side of the curve, implying that there is a greater proportion of NSW chess players who are stronger in the higher bands than the corresponding opposite band of the 1500-1600 range.

This chart is also being reflected by the number of teams participating in the different grades for the NSW Grade Matches this year.

In the U2100: There are 5 teams
In the U1800: There are 5 teams
In the U1600: There are 9 teams
In the U1400: There are 7 teams


  1. real data, clearly presented, a feat for the eyes.

  2. thanks david. did you get my email?

  3. yes. but such an email cannot be answered as a tiny matter. thank you. in fact, yesterday, i rebuilt a 4M game freeware chess dBase, and of course, i dont just copy and paste. not to mention the arduous downloads and unzipping, i spent the ENTIRE DAY yesterday tidying it up. not a simple matter. and i did.

    so i am spent now, and today is the first of many days back to work after a too long time way from work and i dont have my work legs back again--yet.

    latter. thank you!!!!!!!!!! fabulous. deeply appreciated.

    but sometimes writing and saying thank you feels like a cheap shot and needs more. and there i am still.

    warmest, dk