Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Off-Topic : Rising Petrol Costs

I really apologise for this off-topic post.

The rising costs of petrol is starting to bite into my family income and I'm sure, everyone else's.

Anyway, tonight while I was out filling petrol at the pump, there was a very heated argument between a woman driver and a petrol station cashier.

Apparently, she had one of those discount cards from a supermarket that was supposed to give her 10 cents off per litre of petrol but the scanner did not give her the discount and boy, was she furious, and I really mean, furious.

She was screaming (oblivious to the 10+ people waiting in the queue behind her) and yelling and threatening the poor guy (who looks like a student working part-time there) and I felt she was on the verge of chopping the guy's head off any moment ala Rambo (see inset). That was quite a show. Oh and Rambo 4 isn't that bad a movie either if you like movies with a high body count.

Btw the woman's screaming at the petrol pump was enough to make me want to go out and buy a Hummer.

Just kidding - not that I can afford one anyway. :)


  1. Who the hell can afford to fill up a Hummer?? I think the damn things are overkill and totally unnecessary where I live. I'm perfectly happy with my little Honda Civic that gets over 36 miles to the gallon. Don't ask me to convert that to kilometers per liter.

  2. what's that in litres per km? heheh...

    i myself have a small little toyota that runs 7 litres per 100 km. dun ask me what's that when converted to miles per gallon. :)

    join the metric revolution! *wink*

  3. im back from vacation.
    here: i am surprised that you have not gone to blogger settings--yet--to have your blog so that it shows, for example, the last twenty posts. you know how to do this? you have too much good stuff burried weeks back, if i might suggest. dk

  4. dk:

    Yes I know how to do this but I didn't want to put a long list of blog articles. I've trimmed it to the last 5 posts instead.

    Hope your vacation was a good one!

    Tom Chivers: I would love to ride a bike but wife says no-no. sigh.


  5. Tom: I love biking, but sad to say it's not a practical way to get around for day to day business. I go out with friends and ride 40-50 miles at a time. Awesome exercise. Fortunately I can walk to many of the places I need to go.

  6. In the Rambo insert, that guy had it coming. ;) I actually liked the movie. What was it, like 8 vs 100? Not as far-fetched as some of the others; it probably comes closer to the first move the two sequels.

  7. Our overlords at Google help.

    For the figures given, search "36 mi/gal to km/l" (~ 15km/l), or "7 liters / 100km" (~ 34 mi/gal)

  8. Polly: oddly enough, in Sydney, there's a growing culture of people riding bikes. i've stopped riding bikes since i moved to Sydney and the only bike i ride these days resides in the gym.

    likesforests: 8 v 100 odds isn't that bad. although the guy who got his head lobbed off didn't have to suffer a worse fate unlike the driver who err.... got half his body reduced to protoplasmic waste.

    liquideggproduct: thanks... and when are you folks going to convert to metric like the rest of the world? :D

  9. i read widely in the news, but didnt hear that latter one. which driver. pls link or elaborate, so i can read this, please! dk