Sunday, September 21, 2008

Before Chess

This post is non - chess related. :)

Before I learnt chess, I have another hobby.

And that was photography.

I loved photography or rather, taking photos - I still do in fact.

So yesterday, I continued my non-week of chess to head down to the Royal Botanic Gardens in town with my wife.

We alighted from Circular Quay train station and took the scenic route past the Sydney Opera House. Spring is more or less here in Sydney. The flowers are in bloom and this period is usually the best time for tulips, roses and the like.

After that, my wife headed down to a seafood buffet. It was remarkbly good food for a buffet. They had fresh prawns / balmains / crabs / oysters for their seafood section. The other sections include a layout of Japanese food including fresh salmon / tuna / swordfish sashimi, assorted sushi, smoked salmon. The other mains consisted for roast beef in red wine sauce, dory in lime sauce, chicken cacciatori in capsicum sauce, roasted broccoli with pine nuts. They also have servings of sourdough bread with the usual assortment of breakkie type food, udon, basmatic rice, salads etc.

I probably ate way far too much at the buffer so much so that I could only have like a glass of orange juice for dinner.

I'm actually tempted to be lured back to photography - my first love.

Does anyone remember a time before chess took over your life? *wink*

Oh yeah on back to chess, I have a game against Gordon Miller on Tuesday night for the Ford Memorial. Funny, I don't even seem concerned about preparing for the game at all.


  1. Nice photos!

    I cann't remember my life without chess. I think i must have been a year of eight when i hated it when my father was playing with a friend of his (they did that each monday for a period of time) and i had to go to bed. Just watching them play was so excited!

    Before that i was most intrested in soccer but since i wasn't allowed to join a club by my parents the fun of that game was quickly gone.

  2. Nice pictures! I also enjoy photography. I'm still trying to figure out all the cool stuff I can do with this new camera I have. I went into NYC a few hours early on Thursday and took some shots. Nothing great.

    Life before chess? Yes.