Friday, September 5, 2008

Ford Memorial Update

Norman Greenwood has just emailed me the tournament results and news regarding the Ford Memorial. Thanks very much for the updates, Norman!

And I found out that my next opponent will be.... Karel P Hursky (FIDE rated 2013, ACF rated 2017). Whoops.

Just so you know, my ACF rating, by the way, has fallen from 1534 to 1500 according to the latest September ratings. That means that my opponent is rated 517 points above me. Yowzer.

Whatever happens, I'm not going to let the gulf in ratings stop me from having fun!

Hmmm... I wonder if it's possible to deal out this trading card during an actual chess game (see inset)? Just kidding.

My brother-in-law, Steven is meeting his match. A very young girl (10-12 years old?), Caroline Shan, who despite being rated only 847, has already won against her 2 opponents, Jonathan Adams (1579) and Justin Vowles (1743). No pressure. *wink* :)


  1. Just do the best you can.
    Dont forget to think, it's no shame losing on time. Heck it's even preferable above losing the game by some big blunders.

  2. Take your time, and look for the best moves. These guys are human too.

    Advice to your brother in law. Beware of cute little girls with low ratings. :-)

  3. david santos: thank you!

    chesstiger: i will try not to.

    polly: i'll difinitely do the best i can. my brother-in-law is wary of little girls now!

    all: thanks for the well wishes. i'll definitely give it my best shot. no doubt i'll fall prey to some stupid tactic (as i always do).

  4. I once scored a win against someone rated 650 points higher than me (2010 - 1350). Upsets like that are rare, but not unheard of.

    I think I was in a 'loosey-goosey' mood, with an inexplicably clear mind that day, while my opponent thought he could win without having to apply himself.

  5. es_trick: wow! congratulations on your terrific win! it must have been quite memorable. i can't imagine the look on your opponent's face when he realised he was lost.

  6. After doing some research, discovered the Knight of the Hokey Pokey is a real card??? (I did have the Goblin Bowling Team, so maybe it shouldn't have been so surprising.)