Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ego Has Indeed Landed

Immediately after finishing first in the recently concluded Bilbao tournament, Veselin Topalov gave an interview and proceeded to rubbish the upcoming WCC match:

"I will watch the forthcoming match between Anand and Kramnik but I should confess that I am not that interested in the match between number five and number six in the rankings."

"Kramnik is not the strongest chess player even in Russia. Morozevits, who outplayed him on Tal Memorial, stands higher. And Anand in Bilbao has only been a “pale shadow” of the previously great player....."

Isn't it amazing what winning one tournament can do to a player's ego?

Last week in the end, I did drop by to play in the traditional Lightning competition for Grade Match Presentation at Ryde-Eastwood RSL.

And surprisingly, I came in joint runners-up in the U-1600 category, getting a score of +4-4=1 and got $9 for my effort. A nice tidy sum of cash - which I proceeded to use it on my way home with Steven who needed to buy milk at the petrol kiosk. The highlight of the lightning competition has to be my game against top board Jason Hu (2200++) who showed me the art of crushing your opponent (me!). :)

Last Saturday was spent at home fixing up a handrail and installing a security sensor light at my backyard with my neighbour's help. I was working on Sunday so I couldn't get much training in and although last night was a scheduled day for postponed matches for the Ford Memorial, I didn't have any games on. So I spent the time..... sleeping.

I admit I have not been doing any form of serious chess training lately. Sure, I looked up a couple of lines in the Sicilian (out of boredom) but that was just about it.

I would really like to get back to chess training in preparation for next week's Ford Memorial game but I'm just not in the mood for it. If I can kick myself in the ass if it means getting myself invigorated, I'd do it (aka. laziness).

Hmm.... I just realised that I will again be working this Sunday.

Tonight, the Ryde-Eastwood Bobby Fischer Cup soldiers on.... and I'm quite tempted to play a new opening I just came to know about 2 weeks ago.

In the meantime, it appears the US markets decided to take a plunge because of the sub-prime loans fiasco, taking with it many Oz investors' superannuation savings (similar to 401ks for the US) and thankfully, for now, I am not affected. However, I dread to be the one who is nearing retirement only to find out that my lifelong savings has gone down the drain.


  1. Being well rested and coming fresh to the board is also part of preperation, so happy laziness!

    And for Topalov's ego, well, he always had issues with politeness and correctness, so why would it now be any difference? Afterall, he still thinks he was cheated out of his WC title by Kramnik and his toiletgate.

    Goodluck in your next game.

  2. LOL at that cat. I can tell he's not an Aussie cat. Where's the Fosters?

    Much of yesterday's rant was fueled by the anxiety of what impact the economic free fall will have on my life as I try to determine what direction I want to go.

  3. Wow Topalov sounds like a real dick! That's all I have to say. :-)

  4. chesstiger: thanks! that's very true abt Topalov's ego indeed.

    polly: Much as I tried - I couldn't find an equivalent photo. :)

    dun worry about ranting. It's ok to rant. Heck, sometimes I just want to scream out loud at all the frustrating things in life as well.

    RT Solo: after the Toiletgate fiasco with Kramnik at Elista, who would've thot differently? lol.