Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ford Memorial Quick Update

Well, try as I might, I ended up losing to Karel Hursky last night for Round 3 of the Ford Memorial. I gave it my best shot but it wasn't good enough.

Strangely after 10 moves, I felt that my game was slipping away from me. I tried to find active moves to mobilise my pieces but Karel defended well, bided his time and waited for me to make errors. The errors weren't visible but slowly, little mistakes start to creep in and Karel took advantage of it. He didn't have to over-exert himself by any stretch of the imagination. We got to the endgame and Karel's superior endgame technique got him the full point. Kudos to him.

Karel is a very nice gentleman. I conversed with him a bit before and after the game. Karel is a taxi driver by trade. He has been playing chess for 40 years. I wish I could keep up his motivation for chess! I congratulated him and thanked him and he was also kind enough to say that I did try my best but I think he was just being polite.

My brother-in-law Steven had a torrid time against young (14-15 year old?) Caroline Shan. He got into a Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack, had to sacrifice a rook for a bishop to alleviate the pressure and managed to grind out a draw. This young lady is one tough cookie!

Tonight is the Grade Matches Award Presentation. I'm not sure if I'll be attending it as there is nothing to do except for the lightning competition. Next week, the Ford Memorial competition takes a brief hiatus to scheduled in postponed games so that means I've got a nice little break.


  1. Ohwell, you tried your best and more one cannot ask. Maybe next time when you know more because of your chessstudy you can put up a stronger resistence against him.

    Dont underestimate the youth. They have a big advantage namely their youth. It's easier for them to learn chess since their young minds are usually quicker to absorb what they learn while we older younger people have must break old habbits before we can accept and ingrain new things we have learned.

  2. chesstiger: thanks for the kind words.

    i will definitely try to put up a stronger resistance. i discovered that my general gameplay has 'holes'. i need to understand more about knowing where to put the pieces effectively.

    as is, i'm happy with the way i'm progressing.

    i never underestimate youth. in fact, unrated/young players tend to be the most intimidating because one can never discount their rate of progress (as you said).

    cheers and thanks.