Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Forgot My Openings

LOL! Yesterday, while playing in the Ford Memorial, I misplayed my opening and got into a lost position in 20 moves! I was supposed to play another variation but somehow (after suffering from rustiness due to my week of inactivity), got my wires crossed, played not only the wrong variation but also the wrong move order!

I still can't believe it. Hahahaha. Oh gosh..... sorry. I'm just amazed by my own stupidity sometimes.

Fair play by my opponent Gordon Miller who didn't miss a heartbeat in converting his advantage.

Anyway, my brother-in-law Steven played an absolutely stunning game to beat his opponent.

Next week, I'm up against Owen Roach a player of similar rating as I. And tonight, the Bobby Fischer Cup continues on....

On the light side of things, I seem to be able to play much more at ease against Steven these days and can hold my own, losing to him a lot with lesser frequency.

Meanwhile, I'm still having loads of fun from my self-imposed vacation.

In the meantime, have a laugh with Weird Al on this YouTube video "White and Nerdy". An astonishing 35 million views so far and still rising!


  1. Hey nice posts on your blog. You seem to be an enthusiastic player. Well, perhaps my blog will be interesting to you and other like-minded enthusiasts - do pay it a visit.

  2. Atleast you know openings. :-)
    Dont worry, the moves (in the right order) will come back. It's only to hope that you know what plan in the middlegame they are hidding.

  3. chess coach: thanks for your comments! i've added your blog to my blog roll. cheers!

    chesstiger: i certainly hope so! :) i didn't realise i misplayed the opening and then 15 moves in, the pawn structure etc of everything looks totally foreign to me! i knew then i was lost. :)

    dk: :)