Monday, June 1, 2009

Ratings Suicide

The ACF June Ratings are out and as I expected, I've slided down horribly in losing 4 games against 1300-1400/unrated opposition and have dropped 70 rating points from 1540 to 1472.

Since my debut in chess last year, my ratings have gone as follows:

1534 -> 1500 -> 1540 -> 1472.

However, I'm not unduly worried. I had expected my rating to fall because my competitive spirit had been lacking the last month.

Heck, I'm not sure if I can ever win it back.

Tomorrow I'm up against rather formidable opponents. The U1800 St George Saints group on their home territory and the last I checked, their lowest ranked player at the last board is 200 points above me. There's nothing to lose now, I guess. :)


  1. Why are you already calling for Morphy before the game has even started? Why is it important to look up the opps rating before the game? Why do you already think you have no chance to win because your opp is 200+ ratingpoints higher?

    Gosh, worry about the gameresult when the game is over, not before or during the game. Just have fun and try your best, more you and others cannot ask from you.

  2. Good luck, and I agree with Chesstiger, go out with no worries and play your best chess.

  3. thanks fellas for your encouragement, that's actually what I intend to do. regardless, i intend to play my best against my opponent tonight.

    it was just out of curiosity that i looked up and see who i'm possibly playing against.

  4. Hmmm..... looking back at my comments, I just realised that I might have miscommunicated my intentions. I had always wanted to play my best - apologies if I had misrepresented myself.

    And the last part was made partially tongue-in-cheek.

    cheers and thanks everyone.