Friday, June 5, 2009

U1600 Rd 2: Parramatta vs Norths Bears Results

I lost to Vaness Reid (1563) last night at Parramatta.

Blundered a piece for nothing in a + position. I've also learned a lot from my game last night. When I went home, I briefly annotated my game by myself first and found quite a few mistakes I make in my decisions. It's funny how a calm and rational mind sees things differently. I'll let Fritz go through the motions over the weekend to see what else I might have missed.

The rest of our team's results were not so good.

Our team captain, David Stern drew with Shane Burgess, and with 3rd Board Andrew Johnson and 4th Board Robert Laurie losing their respective games, it puts us at 0.5-3.5, capping off a rather miserable night for us.

Overall, we're 2 points out of a maximum of 8 points - having played 2 clubs.

I would especially like to thank Robert Laurie for sending me to and fro from the club from Norths League club and also kudos for David Stern for making the necessary arrangements.

I don't have much time to quell on the results. Next Tuesday, I'm up to play Manly and I expect to face Jonathan Adams or Chris Dimock.

While I was at Parramatta, their U1800 team didn't fare so well. Joshua Christiansen and Sitompul Sotarduga lost.

It's a been a long night and I'm off to sleep.



  1. For playing chess one must be calm, nerves dont help. So next time just sit calm at the board and have fun.

    Dont worry about the result before the game is finished because that doesn't help, the result is known at the end of the game, not before.

  2. thanks chesstiger!

    i didn't know about my result till after my game had finished.

    i usually shut out all outside news till my game is done.

    cheers and thanks!