Thursday, June 4, 2009

U1800 Rd 2: St George vs Ryde Eastwood Results Update

I fought tooth and nail on Tuesday night but unfortunately, my opponent prevailed after I blundered as I was nearing time controls.

Result for Ryde Eastwood: Brenton drew on Board 1, Lorenzo lost on Board 2, David won on Board 3 and I lost on Board 4.

That puts our score at 1.5-2.5.

My opponent was Michael Babic (1709) and I had Black. We got into a Symmetrical English opening where neither side was making much headway. Our game was equal for the most part but I miscalculated a tactical combination 4 moves deep allowing him to win a Rook for a Knight. I should have seen it as all the moves were forcing moves. After the game, I congratulated Michael on his win and he didn't seem keen to analyse the game afterwards so I didn't bother asking him.

Lorenzo drew in his makeup game vs Parramatta's Frank Barisic on Wednesday night. So that put Ryde Eastwood effectively at 4.5 points in total.

Tonight, I'm playing against Parramatta for the U1600 for North Sydney Bears on Board 1.

U1600 Canterbury team captain Roger Gordon has emailed my team captain, David Stern about a rescheduling of our game vs Canterbury from Monday Jun 15 to Tuesday Jun 16. Unfortunately, this clashes with my game (playing for Ryde Eastwood) on Tuesday night vs Norths Grizzlies. As a result, David would have to find a replacement for me for that night.

I've yet to find some spare time to post my game... I hope to do so soon!


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