Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A French Exchange

Jumped onto FICS this morning, and started playing a relatively innocuous game. And yes, folks, it's another French Exchange variation! :)

In all fairness, it appears my opponent didn't know what to do after the pawn exchange. He wasted far too many moves and didn't develop his pieces properly while I slowly build up and went for his throat.

I am also happy to report that I've beaten my brother-in-law Steven on Monday night (woohoo! this event is so rarely seen that it is akin to ... errrm... errrm... having Harrison Ford star in an Indiana Jones movie - see pix on right)

He played a 1.d4 opening and we quickly moved into King's Indian Defence territory and he tried a Minority Attack ala Bayonet Attack on the Queenside which amounted to nothing (I actually have no knowledge of how to effectively handle the Bayonet Attack in the KID well - I definitely need to reinvestigate this line).

Despite his best attempts to break my kingside, with 2 bishops, a Knight, a Rook, a Queen and a White pawn on h6 (My king was tucked away safely on h7 hiding behind his h-pawn in all irony), his attack floundered when I managed to force him to trade all of his attacking pieces.

It was only after the smoke had cleared that he realised he had a slight problem. In the ensuing B v B endgame, we had light-squared bishops and all his pawns were stuck on light squares and all of mine were on dark squares. He resigned a few moves later.


  1. greetings from up over!

    i finally made it by, too darn busy with searching for a new job WHILE of course working a very demanding job, full time, plus all the other chess study and with Khanty-Minsiky, much high level chess of note to view and review...

    gosh. so many lovely, exquisitely beautiful posts by you here, and so well crafted, and such an infectiously endearing sense of love of chess, love of learning, and affable good will and honesty...

    always nice to come by, so very nice.


  2. hi dk, thanks for dropping by and for your most kind words.

    I could tell you've been really busy judging by your lack of updates on your blog.

    hope your job has eased quite a bit so that you have some time for yourself for rest and relaxation. Christmas is always a very busy period for both shoppers and staff.

    Do take care and best of wishes during this festive period.