Thursday, December 6, 2007

Preparation All Over Again

At my local chess club here last night, I got plastered by Joshua 6 times out of 6. He must be wondering what is he doing playing a patzer like me. At one stage, he wondered if he was playing the "old" me and said,"What happened to you?"

At this point, I was quite tempted to say,"This is not me. I am actually his evil twin."

I am so badly out of shape and lacking tournament match practice. Unfortunately, I am due to have a holiday overseas in January which will put me out of contention for the Sydney Open in January at Parramatta.

A shame really. My study term starts pretty soon in mid Februrary and this was probably my best chance to improve my chess.

Back to tactics training!

Sometimes I wonder why I subject myself to such a rigorous routine. I'm going to end up studying, then forgetting chess tactics, then restudying tactics, then study then...... you get the picture.

My wife thinks I'm nuts.


  1. And my husband thinks I'm nuts. That is all part of the chess process. We work on one thing, then on something else, and then we feel like we forgot what we worked on before. Sometimes this game makes me totally crazy.

  2. One day, it will all come together as a whole. Then you'll be a master. Unfortunately, i cannot tell you when that day will be ;)

    And even if not, you can always think to yourself that your efforts may have helped prevent Alzheimer. So it won't be for nothing ;)


  3. polly: Maybe we need professional help. ;)

    edwin: As for being a master, I was thinking.... never in my case. My wife likes me playing chess because she says it helps slow down Alzheimer (as you said) but I find it most disconcerting especially during endgames that I've forgotten how to find the correct manoeuvres to win or draw (and that's after some pretty intensive endgame training at home too).