Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Know How A Predator Victim Feels Like Now

I am predominantly a 1. e4 player.

Because of my relatively short knowledge of opening repertoires, I am now forced to learn 1.d4 openings.

The problem is: I like playing 1. e4 openings. I feel that as a beginner, learning tactics is the best way to go and to do that is to play 1.e4 where tactics and combinations fly. That's also why I am not afraid to face the Sicilian Defence head-on (although I sometimes play the Bb5 and c3 Sicilians just to annoy my opponents).

Yesterday night, I was with another player (I am sorry I didn't get your name - if you're reading this) at the chess club at Manly-Warringah RSL and who else but Michael Morris turned up. Michael proceeded to play a simul lightning game against both of us (!). Michael is a fine chap. He is rated 2150+ and is Australia's 8th best under-20 chess player.

It's thus no surprise that he proceeded to kick the crap out of me (his other opponent fared better). I've never lost pieces so fast in under 5 minutes. In my first game, I lost my Rook in 2 minutes. In my second game, I lost my Queen in 3 minutes.

Ripped to shreds would be a more apt description, sore of like the victim that is being hunted by this hunter-of-all-hunters (see image on left above).


  1. So based on two "lightning" games you decide to give up playing 1.e4?


  2. nope. i am saying that i need to expand my repertoire as it becomes fairly easy for other people to prepare against me.

    I will and still continue to play 1.e4 mainly because i like tactical madness on the board.

  3. "it becomes fairly easy for other people to prepare against me."

    How is d4 any different? Black still has dozens of defenses and variations to choose from. QGA, QGD/Orthodox, QGD/Tarrasch, Slav, Semi-Slav, King's Indian Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Bogo-Indian, Dutch/Stonewall, Benko, Benoni, Dutch/Leningrad, Chigorin, Gruenfeld, etc, etc.

    "I will and still continue to play 1.e4 mainly because i like tactical madness on the board."

    I guess you mean you will play 1.d4 once in awhile to 'mix it up'. That is not a bad idea if you regularly play the same pool of opponents. And exposing yourself to more chess positions certainly can't hurt. :)

  4. likesforest:

    Thanks for the info. My head hurts now. :)

    I will play 1.d4 once in a while because I want to understand the different pawn structures that arise from them and what are the themes, plans and motifs when such pawn structures arise. eg. the Carlsbad stucture, the typical Isolani from the QG, the Panov, the light-square weakness of the KID.

    My main repertoire was and still is 1.e4.