Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

(click on the photo for a larger picture)

Oh my......!! *jaw dropped*

This rare photo (taken in 1970) was taken from a very old Russian chess book highlighting the "Match Of The Century".

Can you identify all the heavyweight chess players from all over the world? I've so far managed to identify only 8 of them. But when I saw the complete list of people in this photo, it blew me away.

FYI The complete list of players as follows (in no particular order):

B. Spassky, B. Larsen, T. Petrosian, R. Fischer, V. Korchnoi, L. Portisch, L. Polugayevsky, E. Geller, V. Smyslov, M. Taimanov, M. Botvinnik, M. Tal, P. Keres, L. Stein, D. Bronstein, V. Hort, S. Gligoric, S. Reshevsky, W. Uhlmann, M. Matulovic, M. Najdorf, B. Ivkov, F. Olafsson, K. Darga

Team Captains:
D. Postnikov, M. Euwe

B. Kazic

That's 7 World Champions in 1 room! And the rest of the field are no slouches either, including some of the strongest match candidates of their time.

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